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Sure Could Go For Some Wings…

Sooooo it turns out in order to have a “podcast” you have to do more than one episode? OK. Good to know. This is still all very new to us. Here is our latest episode where we kinda get caught up on what the hell we have each been doing the last few months.

We are so grateful for all the love and feedback we have gotten so far. This thing is going to continue to grow and evolve and turn into something really cool. Rumor has it…we are even getting a logo made! Whoa! Big time shit, folks. In the meantime, please enjoy the generic license-free picture of a microphone above.

You can find the podcast wherever podcasts are found. Or if you ask nicely I will stand outside your window holding up a speaker ‘Say Anything’ John Cusak-style.

Saved by the Bell is returning this winter because of course it is, since, as we have been over many times before, anything that was once even considered moderately-enjoyable will be repackaged because our thirst for nostalgia is unquenchable. Don’t even pretend to be shocked in a few months when we get news that Seth Rogen is doing the voice of Alf in a big-budget summer movie. 

A new trailer for the reboot — which hits NBC’s new streaming service The Peacock (or ‘cock for short) on November 25th — came out this week. You can check it out below if you missed it. 

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Now more than ever we are all looking for a recommendation to watch on TV. A few factors play into this. First, we have never had more things to watch thanks to 189 different streaming services. Secondly, we are all stuck at home with not much to do. Lastly, we all are looking for an escape from the political horror story that plays out each night on the news and social media. 

So I figured I – a man with IMPECCABLE TV taste – would start recommending things I have enjoyed recently. Will be a combo of new stuff and other things I have finally got around to watching or rewatching. 

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Each week I answer questions people send me in a soon-to-be award-winning column called Ask Wessel. Please send any and all questions to me on Twitter or email DanaJWessel@gmail.com. The weirder the better. 

Q: Is it worth it to dress up for halloween in the comfort of your own home during the pandy? zoom halloween party? pls address. – Morgan

Halloween is just going to be the latest Pandy crotch-kick we will have to deal with this year. Of course Halloween actually falls on a Saturday this year, adding even more 2020 to a year that has already been so full of 2020. 

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