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Sure Could Go For Some Wings…

So it is the Tuesday after Labor Day and you may have woken up, looked outside and thought, “Holy shit! Fall is here!” The upcoming coldness will be unlike any other because of the pandy. I feel like we all managed summer pretty well because it was easy to get outside and enjoy the weather. Now the dark reality of fall and winter is upon us. What the hell are we gonna do?! Hopefully we are still a ways out from snow but I am all about planning ahead.

Here are some ideas I have come up with to help us all cope during the upcoming coldness:

  • Ever heard of soup? Soup is good. Make a lot of soup. It is good for the soul.
  • Buy a really warm snowmobile suit. Perfect having drinks out on your deck in the middle of winter. Or, I guess, snowmobiling too if you are into that. But I plan on just using mine for hot toddies on the deck. Your call though.
  • Share streaming passwords. I mean, c’mon. It is 2020 and we are in a pandy. You wanna get that Apple+ going? Hit me up. I set it up with my old work email address I no longer have access to and cannot figure out how to cancel it. 
  • Ever wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday and see tweets from me like “GET IN!” or “COME ON CHELSEA!” and are really confused? They are about the English Premier League. A new season kicks off this upcoming weekend. In fact, I am posting a beginner’s guide to the PL to help people out later this week. 
  • Rent an arcade machine! You might not know this about me but I love old-school arcade machines. There is an amazing company in town that rents out machines for $75 a month. We used them for our wedding and they are incredible. Get an old-school machine for your basement or garage. Hang some high scores. 
  • Do you like good dogs? You could volunteer to help out the good boys and good girls in Minnesota. I am a big fan of Secondhand Hounds. They are always looking for new volunteers in a variety of positions
  • We could all talk about the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. Did you know there was a blizzard on Halloween in 1991? Nothing beats talking about it. 
  • Speaking of Halloween, we could do as the lyrics in the iconic Blink-182 song ‘I Miss You’ and have Halloween on Christmas. I mean, why not? 
  • Remember how much fun sledding was as a kid? Why don’t we do that more as adults? It is like skiing but a lot easier. Perfect for socially distant winter hangs. 
  • Read a lot of good books. I recently rediscovered my love for reading and it has been so helpful. Find something new. Re-read Goosebumps. Go on a reading adventure. Trade out a bit of your scheduled screen time for a book. It will do wonders for your mental health.
  • Go ice fishing! Granted, I have never been myself, but my sources tell me that ice fishing is less about fishing and more about drinking beers in a shack on a lake. I could get behind that. 
  • Seems like as good a time as any to get really into chess?
  • OK, maybe skip that chess idea. My bad. I’ll be honest,  I am running out of ideas as we wrap things up here.
  • Lastly, reach out to people. 2020 might be awful but at least we live in a time where there are limitless ways to communicate with each other. I live by the motto ‘we are all in this together.’ Let’s talk. Don’t let the dreariness of the cold weather get you too down. We got this. Always reach out if you need a pal.

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