Dana Wessel

Sure Could Go For Some Wings…

Jeopardy released a promo for the start of the upcoming season which kicks off on September 14th. Alex Trebek confirmed what we already knew – that he will be the host. But there was a surprise when the GOAT Ken Jennings showed up and it was announced he is joining to present certain categories. 

The portion of the internet that loves Jeopardy as much as I do went into overdrive with speculation. I love talking Jeopardy so here are my thoughts on where they are going with things.

OK, so here it is. I think the next Jeopardy host will be…Ken Jennings. I mean, duh. Who else would it be? It has seemed obvious even before he won the GOAT Tournament earlier this year (yes, that was this year. That is how long 2020 has been). But how long will he be the host? To me, that is the real question. 

So this is my prediction: he will be stepping in as sort of a placeholder role as host. A caretaker to the podum, if you will. Do it for a few years as a bridge to the next host. It would make for a better transition for everyone. Ken is a guy who loves and respects not only Alex but the show itself. 

You never wanna be the person who replaces the legend — and there is no bigger legend than Alex. Could you imagine if they just brought in some Joe Q Host Human off the streets as the immediate replacement to Alex? It wouldn’t matter how good they were. It is an impossible mustache to fill. There would be people outside the studio in Culver City with torches and pitchforks. Well, there would be at least one person there since I would be leading the charge. 

So there are my thoughts on things. They are bringing in Ken this season to be around as they make the transition to whenever Alex decides to call it a career. Ken will host for a season or three before he steps down and passes the proverbial signaling device to a new host.

This is a plan I could live with as a diehard Jeopardy nut. I just hope it doesn’t happen until like 2040. 

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