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Sure Could Go For Some Wings…

It is no secret that sequels and franchises have dominated the box office the last 20 or so years. People love them. It makes the studios dump trucks full of cash. Everybody wins. 

This leads to a lot of fans begging for one of their favorite movies of the past to get a sequel. It also has studio heads wondering what film property they own that still has some money left to squeeze out of it. 

HOWEVER, these are five movies that definitely do not need sequels and, since I love awful sequel names, I came up with some potential sequel titles we don’t need. Or maybe we do? As I was writing I was kind of intrigued by a few of them. 

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Well would ya look at that? We flipped the calendar. 2020 is behind us and we are now on to 2021. What do we have in store for us the next 365 days? Well, all bets are off. But I figured it would be good to set some personal goals for the year ahead and I thought I would share them with all of you. Partially so you can hold me accountable and also because maybe some of these might inspire you to set some goals for yourself.

In no particular order…

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Bet you could go for some wings, huh? Me too. Wings are just the best. As a dude who loves himself some wings I felt like it was my duty to put together the official Wingsclopedia of Minnesota. Here is a list of places either myself or people I trust have deemed a great place to get those wings going. This will be an ever-expanding list. Please tweet or email me places/cities I am missing. This is just a start. I want to make this Wingsclopedia of Minnesota as robust and deep as possible. Refer back to this anytime you could go for some wings. 

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Early Thursday morning Taylor Swift announced she was dropping yet another surprise album at midnight. A lot of people got understandably excited about this development. Me? Well, because my brain works in ways that some might consider “fascinating” and others might consider “in desperate need of immediate professional help” I began wondering if Taylor had ever seen a film in the Fast and Furious franchise. 

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Well would you look at that? It is somehow December already of this shit-storm year that somehow simultaneously flew by but also feels like March was a decade ago.

So now I bet you are scrambling. Gotta buy gifts! What do I do?! Fear not. I am back once again with my annual Craigslist shopping guide that has a little something for everybody on your list.

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We are all stuck at home. We are all desperate for things to watch. To save you some time sifting through the countless streaming services I semi-regularly post things I have caught recently – both new and old – that I have dug. No refunds if you watch something I liked and hated it. That is a you problem, not a me problem. 

The Holiday Movies That Made Us – Two episodes available on Netflix

We got a nice surprise with a two episode holiday spinoff of the insanely delightful ‘The Movies That Made U’s. If you haven’t seen it (also on Netflix and HIGHLY recommend), it is a series of hour long documentaries about the movies that, well, made us. Season one looks at ‘Die Hard’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘Ghostbusters’, and ‘Dirty Dancing.’ They tell the story behind how some of the classics were made by talking to writers, directors, producers, actors, etc. and it is all packaged and told in a a fun, fresh, irreverent way. 

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Where to start? Thank you SO MUCH for everyone who came over and grabbed a Heggies Pizza on the weirdest Thanksgiving of all time. A special thank you to:

— Anybody and everybody, from Minnesota or otherwise, who made a donation to Second Harvest Heartland.

— Thank you to Heggies Pizza for supplying all the pizzas for this wonderful holiday and making a donation to Second Harvest Heartland.

— Thank you to Glen Perkins for supplying the pizza ovens. Proven closer and legend in my book forever.

— Thank you to Dan Stepehnson for the pizza boxes and a thermo box to keep the pizzas warm while I delivered them outside.

— The biggest thank you needs to go to my wife Heather who not only agreed to let me do this, but cooked pizzas with me all day. This would have been a total flop without her help. She is the absolute greatest.

A lot of people have been wondering how much money was raised by #Heggesgiving, and to be honest, I am not sure. I didn’t have a way to keeping track of the official amount, but so many people reached out I know that you all donated a significant amount money to Second Harvest Heartland and that warms my heart. Thanks for supporting this goofy, fun endeavor.

Next #Heggsgiving is going to be even bigger! Stay tuned.

***UPDATE November 16th***

The response and outpouring of love for Heggsgiving has been so tremendous that I need to officially stop taking orders! There are only so many pizzas one man can cook in a single afternoon! Thank you to everyone who has ordered a pie and donated to Second Harvest Heartland. Thanks to all the people who don’t need a pizza but donated to Second Harvest Heartland in the spirit of things. It is all so amazing to see. Just warms my heart thinking about it all.

Quick thank yous to the people that went above and beyond:

Heggies for donating the pizzas.

Glen Perkins for donating the pizza ovens.

Dan Stephenson for donating the pizza boxes.

***UPDATE November 13th***

Well how about this? The wonderful people at Heggies Pizza have reached out and are going to donate all the pizzas for the occasion. How amazing is that?! Not only are they donating the pizzas to Heggsgiving, but they will be making a donation to Second Harvest Heartland for each pizza we give out on Heggsgiving. This also means my personal donation to Second Harvest will be even bigger since I am no longer covering the cost of these delicious pizzas. Niiiice.

So keep those orders coming! Can still handle a bunch more before I need to cap it. The way it looks right now the 4pm hour is most wide open but I can make just about anything work. I will have three pizza ovens going thanks to former Twin and all-around badass Glen Perkins. Can always just give you a frozen Heggies, too, if you prefer to cook it on your own.

To place an order: email WesselPrep@gmail.com and specify desired pickup time (2-6pm, but again, the 4pm hour is the least busy so far on the handy-dandy spreadsheet I created) and what type of ‘za (Double Cheese, Pepperoni, or Sausage). I live on Nicollet Avenue near downtown Minneapolis and will give you all the safe and socially distant instructions for pickup once you order.

All I ask in return is that you make a donation to Second Harvest Heartland to help keep bellies full for people in Minnesota during this awful winter ahead. Don’t need a pizza but have a few extra bucks to spare? Please donate. Hunger is going to be an even bigger problem than ever here in Minnesota in the months ahead. We are all in this together, friends.

Happy Heggsgiving.

***UPDATE November 7th***

A few FAQs to update everyone as we get closer to Heggsgiving.

Can I still make an order?

Yes! The orders are filling up and I might need to cap things soon but you can still place an order at WesselPrep@gmail.com. Just tell me what kind of Heggies you want and what time you want to pick it up. Right now the 4pm and 5pm hours are best. 2pm and 3pm is pretty packed.

I don’t need a pizza but can I still contribute?

Yes! Absolutely. This is all to help our fellow Minnesotans have full bellies this upcoming winter. COVID is going to make hunger an even bigger problem than normal. So please, please donate to Second Harvest Heartland if you are able.

Can I order more than one pizza?

You sure can, but I am going to limit it to two. I won’t be able to handle much more than that.

Can I place an order for a frozen pizza without you cooking it?

Absolutely! Swing by and grab a frozen Heggies for you to cook yourself at home.

Are you the sexiest man alive?

THE sexiest? I mean, I dunno. Definitely top three for sure.

***UPDATE November 5th***

The amazing and proven closer Glen Perkins has supplied Heggsgiving with more pizza ovens to help increase the output. So keep those orders coming at WesselPrep@gmail.com. And if you can’t make it to Minneapolis or don’t need a delicious Heggies Pizza, please consider making a donation to Second Harvest Heartland in the spirit of things. As mentioned, this is going to be a long, cold winter with a lot of our neighbors in Minnesota wondering where their next meal will come. Nobody should go hungry.

***Original Post***

We all know Thanksgiving is gonna be different this year. Well, in all honesty, it is going to be weird as hell. The usual big get-togethers won’t be happening. A lot of traditional Thanksgiving dinners won’t be had because cooking an entire turkey and 17 sides for a small group is a bit excessive. 

It is all pretty sad really. So I came up with an idea that might make things a little cheerier. Happy Heggsgiving to one and all!

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Sooooo it turns out in order to have a “podcast” you have to do more than one episode? OK. Good to know. This is still all very new to us. Here is our latest episode where we kinda get caught up on what the hell we have each been doing the last few months.

We are so grateful for all the love and feedback we have gotten so far. This thing is going to continue to grow and evolve and turn into something really cool. Rumor has it…we are even getting a logo made! Whoa! Big time shit, folks. In the meantime, please enjoy the generic license-free picture of a microphone above.

You can find the podcast wherever podcasts are found. Or if you ask nicely I will stand outside your window holding up a speaker ‘Say Anything’ John Cusak-style.

Saved by the Bell is returning this winter because of course it is, since, as we have been over many times before, anything that was once even considered moderately-enjoyable will be repackaged because our thirst for nostalgia is unquenchable. Don’t even pretend to be shocked in a few months when we get news that Seth Rogen is doing the voice of Alf in a big-budget summer movie. 

A new trailer for the reboot — which hits NBC’s new streaming service The Peacock (or ‘cock for short) on November 25th — came out this week. You can check it out below if you missed it. 

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Now more than ever we are all looking for a recommendation to watch on TV. A few factors play into this. First, we have never had more things to watch thanks to 189 different streaming services. Secondly, we are all stuck at home with not much to do. Lastly, we all are looking for an escape from the political horror story that plays out each night on the news and social media. 

So I figured I – a man with IMPECCABLE TV taste – would start recommending things I have enjoyed recently. Will be a combo of new stuff and other things I have finally got around to watching or rewatching. 

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If you follow me on social media or know me in real life you have had the misfortune of hearing me go on and on about my new obsession with the Buffalo Bills. 

Understandably so, I have gotten a lot of questions. Mainly, why does a guy who grew up in Minnesota loving the Vikings all of a sudden love the Bills? And, of all teams in all the sports, why the hell the Buffalo GD Bills? 

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We are all stuck at home. We are all desperate for things to watch. To save you some time sifting through the countless streaming services I semi-regularly post things I have caught recently – both new and old – that I have dug. No refunds if you watch something I liked and hated it. That is a you problem, not a me problem. 

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